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Kent Skinner

As the Cutting Specialist at Paul Mitchell The School and a member of the Paul Mitchell Advanced Academy Cutting Team, I am very particular about my scissors. For me to recommend a sharpening service to my 200+ students, my trust must be earned. Daniel has done a remarkable job on our scissors and has been sensitive to our needs. I can only speak highly of his service.

Caylee blagg 

Daniel is the only person I will ever trust to work on my shears! I love the shears I purchased from him! He is always flexible and always always helpful and full of information ! If you want quality amazing shears and you want to keep them taken care of them this is your guy !!!! Thanks Daniel 


Lia Mays 

I've enjoyed the professionalism and knowledge over the past few years. Daniel has excellent customer service and does excellent work. Thank you keep it up! :)

Emelisa Celeste Nunez

DANIEL IS AMAZING ;-) He was so helpful with sharping my shears and he also educated me on how to take great care of them.....He has been doing my scissors for a few years and he is the Best in Dallas he took great care of my shears. He is the nicest guy and genuinely cares about you and your career and what will help you succeed in the future. Thank you for all you do Daniel youre "Simply the Best"., 

Jeff Comess

I have not let anybody else touch my shears since I discovered EZ Sharpening 4 years ago. I even moved to Fiji and worked with dull shears rather then letting some hack there destroy the awesome shears I bought and kept maintained from EZ Sharpening. The first thing I did when I got back was handed my shears over to EZ Sharpening to work their magic and you better believe they did! I will never let anybody else handle my shears again except for EZ Sharpening!! They are truly the best. Forget all the rest!

Emma Donner 

yet again, EZ sharpening has changed my life! Daniel is nice enough to put up with my picky self, constantly wondering if my sheers need to be sharpened. Generally he informs me of what I need to do because they are still sharp, generally they loosen up and just need a slight tightening. There's just something about a freshly sharpened sheer, how it just cuts like butter. I've never experienced another sharpener who makes me feel like my career is about to take off yet again! Daniel and Liza are the best quality of people I've ever met, which is why I'm not surprised with their quality of customer service :) 


Andrea L. McCoy

Over the last 7 years, I have done business with 5 different local companies searching for someone to care for my tools like they were their own. Ethics, sincerity and talent are what you get when you do business with EZ Sharpening. For two years now, Daniel is the ONLY ONE who touches my shears. Because of his knowledge, education and quality of work, I purchased a pair of shears from him in 2012 and LOVE THEM. I mentioned I wanted another pair for my arsenal and after Daniel played 20 questions, he gave me three pairs to try for a week. He knew before I knew which pair I was going to like and he was right :) Thank you for your dependability and always being a phone call, email or Facebook message away. Shears down, Daniel and EZ Sharpening are THE BEST! 


Amanda Kinder 

I have been a professional stylist for 10 years and going. I've had plenty of experience with sharpening my shears over the years and I've had my share of grief with sharpeners. When I met Daniel and Liza, not only were they kind and genuine but they were professional and understanding. They listened to my needs, inquired as to my most-used cutting techniques and educated me. Little did I know all the things I was doing wrong even with the attitude of "knowing it all" after 10 years! And man were they correct! I've never looked back!! I am beyond pleased with the work Daniel provided with his expertise. They both are so knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge to help others grow. EZ Sharpening is in fact THE BEST in the business, hands down no competition. I am honored to call them my shear sharpeners as well as my friends! I love seeing their business grow as they travel DFW saving all the hairdressers from pulling their hair out after a botched sharpening from someone else. Word of mouth is how they started and let me tell you, they had EVERYONE talking!! They still do and for good reason. 100% quality work every single time without fail. How can this be, you ask? Because they are dedicated and honest artists who actually care about their customers. They get it done and do it in style!! Amazing people with incredible craft and talent!! Don't hesitate to give them a call! Just got your shears sharpened by someone else and not satisfied? Call EZ Sharpening! Just dropped your precious shears and got a nice nick in the blade? Call EZ Sharpening! Simply want to learn more and be blown away by their service, compassion, knowledge and collection of tools for sale? Call EZ Sharpening now!!! You won't be disappointed I guarantee you. Just do it!!

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